December 6, 2018

Request for a Resolution

Mr. Tim Manning
Board Chair
Provincial Health Services Authority
700 – 1380 Burrard St.
Vancouver BC V6Z 2H3


For years I unwittingly suffered from myopathy, memory loss, cognitive and emotional dysfunction while taking the maximum allowable dose of a medication known to induce myopathy, memory loss, cognitive and emotional dysfunction.  

Misdiagnosed adverse effects from the medications that I was prescribed led to additional prescriptions and treatments that became increasingly severe and costly.

I would like to know what the cost of my medical services were between January 2006 and today. 

The medical practitioners who treated me acted under the authority of the Board of the Provincial Health Services and within the standard of practice established by of the British Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Assuming that :

  • My treatment was based on the standard  medical practice for treating heart disease; and that
  • There is (in fact) a consistent failure to recognize the adverse side effects of (statin) medications by the medical community; and that 
  • A high percentage (>30%) of the  people receiving statin treatment for heart disease experience adverse side effects that result in additional treatments and prescriptions. 
  • How many people was that in 2006?

How much does this cost?

What is the business incentive to find a resolution to the problem of ignorance? 

In the information age, ignorance is a choice
and the easiest avoidable medical error to resolve.

This is to request that the board resolve to report this calculation to the Minister of Health of British Columbia for his consideration. 

At the same time, my wife and I are seeking your every personal assistance in this arriving at a resolution to this personal matter.

We await your considered reply

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