September 1, 2018

A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Learning to Fly

As narrated in Icarus Flyby and the Rock from Mars I became deeply mentally ill after I began to take Lipitor@Pfizer as prescribed in January 2006. 

After my prescription was changed in 2014 I began to recover but as far as I can tell this change was just dumb luck.  In 2016,  I began to realize that the people that I had trusted and relied on …

…were in fact ignorant,

  • And had :
    • misinformed me regarding the benefits;
    • failed to provide any warning as to the risks;
    • failed to discern my condition, and
  • were refusing to provide any remedy.

These are issues of life and death.   

This is of grave concern.

The most liberal interpretation I can come up with is that the Pfizer pharmaceutical corporation misinformed a generation of physicians as to the benefits of this remedy, while at the same time discrediting any voice speaking about the risks, in order to enjoy net profit margins that exceeded 40% for over 14 years.

But this interpretation fails every test of moral theology with regards to ignorance.

In the Information Age, Ignorance is a Choice

Ignorance is distinguished from nescience. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge that a person has a duty or obligation to know, whereas nescience refers to a lack of knowledge about things one is not bound to know.

Vincible ignorance is ignorance that a person could remove by applying reasonable diligence in the given set of circumstances. This contrasts with invincible ignorance, which a person is entirely incapable of removing.

As long as I continued to take Lipitor@Pfizer my ignorance was invincible.

Mentally I could not touch the tip of my nose

If insufficient diligence is shown in dispelling ignorance, it is termed merely vincible. When little or no effort is made to remove ignorance, the ignorance is termed crass or supine.

Deliberately fostered ignorance is affected or studied.

Vincible and invincible ignorance only can be applied to matters that a person has a duty to know about. For example, if a doctor did not know the name of a certain artery in the body, he would be ignorant of that information, but the rest of the population who has no duty to know that information would be nescient of it.

It would be generous to conclude that the healthcare providers that I relied on for over a decade simply failed to apply reasonable diligence and that their ignorance is therefore crass or supine; however when those same healthcare providers fail to discern or acknowledge the reason for a condition and then refuse to provide critical services in response to efforts to dispel ignorance then one must conclude that their ignorance has become affected or studied.

Disputations of the Benefits of Lipitor@Pfizer

Statin Toxicity : A Failure to Warn

Moral theology forms the foundation of secular law.

There are four elements to tort law: duty, breach of duty, causation, and injury. In order to claim damages, there must be a breach in the duty of the defendant towards the plaintiff, which results in an injury. The three main types of torts are negligence, strict liability (product liability), and intentional torts.

A failure to warn may give rise to liability in tort (negligence). At common law, a manufacturer has a duty to warn consumers of dangers inherent in the use of its product of which it has knowledge or ought to have knowledge. … The duty to warn is a continuing duty. Manufacturers, distributors, and sellers may be held liable when they fail to give appropriate warnings, and a consumer suffers an injury.

In Canada the learned intermediary rule applies where an intermediate inspection of the product is anticipated because the product is highly technical in nature or where a consumer is placing primary reliance on the judgement of a learned intermediary and not the manufacturer. In these cases, the manufacturer may satisfy its duty to warn the ultimate consumer by warning the learned intermediary.

There were warnings by Health Canada; the FDA; patents for statin induced myopathy, research warnings and articles in professional publications.

Despite information that is easy to find once I was able to do so; I was literally tortured for over a decade by the treatment that I received, convinced that some personal flaw, failure or past trauma was the reason for my emotional, cognitive and physical decline.

Despite every effort I made, to maintain and improve my health I came to believe that I was not going to survive; and so did my wife. Neither of us are ever going to be the same.

All I had to do to begin to recover was to stop taking the medication I was prescribed for six weeks.

It’s been like recovering from a stroke.


We need to come up with better solutions and while I do not have the answers, I have stood upon the mountain of my experiences and at one point, during a manic episode I came up with Plan B and as crazy as Plan B may sound : Who are you going to call? GhostBusters?

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